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Don King and Hrunov met in Panama for Lebedev vs Jones case

Don King - Vladimir Hrunov

Don King – Vladimir Hrunov. Photo Frederick Johnson / Don King Productions

Promoter Don King, representing Panamanian Guillermo “Felino” Jones, and Russian Vladimir Hrunov, representing World Boxing Association cruiserweight champion Dennis Lebedev, met in Panama.

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, World Championships Committee president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza acted as mediator. The only point discussed on meeting was Lebedev vs Jones rematch.

Don King reiterated his request for reconsideration of Jones’ case so the negotiation period mandated during the 92nd Annual Convention held in Peru, was deferred and is extended until the Championships Committee takes a decision.

Likewise, the time for both promoters fail to reach an agreement for the fight continues for fifteen days.