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Congratulations Uchiyama, Ioka and Fujioka for their awards in Japan

Japanese champions awarded

Japanese champions awarded. Photo Sumio Yamada

The World Boxing Association congratulates its champions Takashi Uchiyama, Kazuto Ioka and the female champion Naoko Fujioka who were awarded among the best of the year in Japan.

Uchiyama received the Technique Award in the awards ceremony that took place last Friday at the Tokyo Dome Hotel in Tokyo. The WBA Super-Featherweight champion also received the Fight of the year award for his battle with Daiki Kaneko.

WBA flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka received Fighting Spirit Award.

The newly crowned Naoko Fujioka received Female Boxer of the Year and the Female Fight of the Year for her fight with Naoko Yamaguchi held on December 13, 2013.

The WBA family is very proud of all these champions and congratulates them for their well-deserved awards.