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Congratulations Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali. Photo Getty Images

Nobody can doubt that Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time, due to his personality, his performance within the ring and his daily struggle. Today, World Boxing Association family celebrates his 72 birthday.

Talking about Ali is to talk about a man who is considered the best Boxer of the 20th century, and who still cannot be compared him with anyone. Although his great achievements stand for themselves, he is an example of struggle for his ideals, beliefs and values that he always defended no matter the consequences.

In sports, he conquered all possible honors. He was Olympic champion at age 18, three times heavyweight champion, retired with a record of 56-5, 37 KO’s. He always had big opponents so al his fights are memorable: Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, Joe Frezier, to mention some.

Talking about Ali is to talk about boxing history, this is the reason why he received several tributes through the years, but the permanent that will never lose effect is having his name carved on the WBA heavyweights Super belt. An honor few have earned.

WBA family sends its best wishes of happiness, health and long life to the great Muhammad Ali. Congratulations Champ!