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Chris John retires

WBA Champion Chris John 2012 Dinner

WBA Awards Dinner 2012 – Chris John with Gilberto Jesús and Gilberto Mendoza

After 18 title defenses and a decade of reign in the World Boxing Association, Indonesian Chris John announced his retirement from boxing.

John, 34 and with a professional boxing record of 48-1-3, 22 KO’s, thanked those who helped him during these years to achieve his goals.

“To be able represent the more prestigious boxing organization has always made me so proud.” The honor of Super champion was at the time the highlight of my career but when I was voted the World Boxing Association fighter of the Year by fans and peers I truly felt humbled that a kid from Indonesia could achieve something so especial.”.

Then said: “All of my 18 world title defenses over 10 years representing the WBA and President Mendoza have been an honor”.

He also mentioned his promoters, trainers and supporters. He recalled that he had the opportunity to fight in several countries around the world. He also thanked the times that he was able to speak with the Minister of sport, the Vice President and the President of Indonesia.

“Now that I have achieved more tan I have ever dream of in my career I would like to formally announce my retirement”, said the former world champion.

He also said “I would like to give back to the sport of boxing which has been so good to me and given me and my family a better life. And continue to represent Indonesia the best I can.”.

He stated that from now on he will spend time with his wife and children, “the important title I have held in my life is being a father.”.

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