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‘Chiquito’ is already on guard

Alberto "Chiquito" RosselCourtesy: La

The Champion is ready. Just one week away for his third Interim Flyweight title defense, Alberto Rossel only thinks in retaining his belt against Jose Alfredo ‘The Little Devil’ Zúñiga. In addition, the boxer also thinks his boxing academy.

What he lacks in height he makes it up in history, because in every defense he becomes a legend. Within a week, when he defends his title for the third time the World Boxing Association (WBA) Interim Flyweight belt, Alberto ‘Chiquito’ Rossel expects another victory that will make him a true giant. The champion, 1.57 meters tall dreams with eyes wide open.

Focused on goal, his third successful defense, ‘Chiquito’ Rossel is ready to face the Mexian José Alfredo Zúñiga and is counting the hours for this so expected day,   “We are at the final stage of my preparation. It has been long, training lasted about two months.  This final week, I will do some sparring work to get the distance and sportsman shape for the fight. I am in great shape, well prepared and ready to defend my belt for the third time.”  He said La Republica newspaper.

Similarly, the 35-year -old boxer knows that he will have a very challenging opponent in ‘The Little Devil’ Zuniga, who is a good attack-defense boxer; conditions that made him win the silver Crown of the World Boxing Council (WBC). “It will be a difficult fight. Zuniga is a very good offensive boxer. I must be careful, be protected at all times and win round by round. Today, all competitors who come are very competitive, with great conditions to be champions, but I’m going to give a great fight because I am well prepared. It was hard to win the world championship and I want to continue having it. I am confident that I will do a great job, “said Peruvian champion.

Alberto Rossel has in mind not only retain his belt but also to reach another goal. “As son as my fight with Zuniga is over I will dedicate myself to build my boxing academy in Villa El Salvador. I hope that it will be ready by the end of the year and able to spread the sport I love so much, saida “Chiquito” who thinks big.