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AMB Mourns the passing away of Matthew Saad Muhammad

Matthew Saad Muhammad

Matthew Saad Muhammad, light heavyweight champion of the world. Photo One Step Away

The World Boxing Association, headed by Gilberto Mendoza, joins the mourning for the sensible passing of former heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer, Matthew Saad Muhammad.

Muhammad died on Sunday at age of 59, at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia.

In addition to setting a career of Hall of Fame and participation in many memorable fights, Saad Muhammad’s story was inspiring. Abandoned as a child, he grew up to fame and became a light heavyweight world champion against all odds.

In 1979, Saad Muhammad, known for his punching power and heart, Marvin Johnson knocked out in a rematch of a previous win the light heavyweight title in Indianapolis WBC victory, Johnson’s hometown.

He grew up with the nuns of Catholic Social Services, and reformatories, until he met boxing. He discovered the sport to see Muhammad Ali do sparring in Philadelphia.

It became a real figure of semi heavyweights. He retired in 1992 with 49-16-3, 35 KO’s.

Rest in Peace!