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Acosta-Moses update

Finally WBA interim lightweight world champion Miguel “Aguacerito” Acosta is headed to

Namibia, where next Saturday he’ll face WBA regular world champion Paulus Moses. After a difficult negotiation with promoter Don King, Acosta signed the sent contract, making it clear that he didn’t accept the terms which bound him to DKP for five years. The adjustments were made Friday and submitted Friday night. The route from

Venezuela to

Namibia is a long one. First is a six-hour flight from

Caracas to

Sao Paulo. After a three-hour layover they will take an eight-and-a-half hour African Airlines to

Johannesburg. Team “Aguacerito” will arrive in

South Africa at
7:30AM on Sunday morning and after a two-hour layover they will catch a two-hour flight to

Windhoek where they expect to be received by the event organizers.