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Betulio González Biography

Betulio González Biography

Perseverance, professionalism and constancy are the virtues why in Venezuela Betulio Gonzalez is considered as the best boxer of the country. Betulio Segundo was born on October 24, 1949 in Maracaibo, Zulia state.  He still lives there.

After his amateur career, he moved to professional boxing on April 24, 1968 and boxed for 20 years.

When he made his pro-debut, he won 10 consecutive fights, until August 1, 1969 when he fought with Juan José Brizuela, and the fight ended in draw. He defeated him on September 16 in 16 rounds.

His first opportunity for a World Title was for the WBA Flyweight with the Japanese Masao Ohba in Tokyo on April 1, 1971. Betulio lost unanimously in 15 rounds.

He became World Boxing Champion in 1972, when he drew with Erbito Salavarría, in Venezuela, after that he knocked out Sócrates Batoto in 4 rounds. He lost the title to Borkhorsor Venecia on September 29 in Bangkok, all the same year.

The following year he regained the WBC title, before he conquered the WBA black and gold belt.

On August 12, 1978, he decisioned over Guty Espadas in la Maestranza Cesar Giron de Maracay and joined the elite group of Venezuelan who world champion three times in the same division.

González defended his belt three times, he knocked Martín Vargas in 12 rounds; he drew in Japan with Shoji Oguma, who he fought again but this time he knocked him out in 12.

Luis Ibarra was the executioner of Betulio González, when he decisioned him November 17, 1979 in Maracay, Venezuela.

In 1981, Betulio had a new shot for the title, but he could not keep up with Juan Herrera in México, nor the following year with Santos Laciar in Maracaibo.

González retired at the age of 39 with a record of 52 knockouts out of his 77 victories, 12 defeats and 3 draws.